Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scouting for Boys Without a Voice

Boy scouts came into work today. I don't like boy scouts. They usually come from the southern states, so they speak with a southern tongue. They not only speak like southerners but they smell like they have lived in the woods for a week. Oh wait. They just did.

Boy scouts is like a boot camp for civil war soldiers except in stead of civil war soldiers it is little whiny mama's boys how still are attached to their mothers bosoms. They teach each other how to tie knots, use compasses, and make baskets. What they are teaching scouts really has no purpose or use in the modern world since we don't lash logs together to build house, have garmin GPS systems, and have Walmart to buy cheaply made baskets at in stead of boyscout camp. They should teach each other how to balance a check book, or how to have an interview, and how to cook in a kitchen in stead of in a dutch oven over a open fire. Another thing that is messed up with the whole boyscout system is that the boy scouts have the great idea to lock up a bunch of teenage boys with festering hormones in closets i mean cabins for weeks. They might as well add a catholic priest then the fun really starts. not really boy scouts teaches boys how to really use their time like their new video game merit badge, play 30hrs of straight video games and you get a badge. (YAY :P) what is next sleeping merit badge, go to sleep each night and you get a badge. YAYZZZzzzzzzzz. this makes me sick. well literally. i am sick my throat has a ball of spikes in it that scratches the whole length of my throat,leaving me able to cough up little parts of my lungs. YAY. not. so i am sick and i have to take lovely medicine that doesn't really help and i get to eat cough drops 24/7. This next week is going to be great. This is it. This is the life. I am out. Ian

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  1. Don't forget, we get California scouts too! You forgot to mention their braces, nasally voices, and oily skin.