Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old People and Major Ear Worms

First off, for those of you who don't know why next year is "the year before the end of the world", here is the reason. Next year is 2011 and the year after is 2012, the predicted end of the world. But that doesn't matter, beliefs like that are for superstitious people, and the catholic church (OOOHHH SNAP!). Yesterday a funny thing happened to me. I walked in to church late and sat down in the back. Immediately i started dozing off, when out of the blue an old man approached me. My first thoughts were, "Oh my god, what is this man doing." But I soon realized he was just coming over to talk. And that is what we did. Well what he did anyway. I listened to the oral and photographic history of the mans life. I learned all about his family, friends and adventures. Soon the old man left and I had just made another friend. Speaking about friends, i have a friend who was obsessed with Justin Bieber. Yes, another girl who is obsessed with a singing baby. You know I wouldn't have a problem with Justin, it is just that i have had the melodious tune of Baby running through my head for 3 days now. His voice resonates in my ears and rings ever so loudly. AHHHHHHHH!!! Talk about annoying. Now I had though while i was being tortured by song. What if Justin Bieber switched voices with Hannah Montana a.k.a. Miley Cyrus? It would be perfect. Justin would sound like an actual guy who sings, and Miley would have a cute voice to match her just as cute personality. Well this is it. This is the life. This is Ian saying " See you next time."

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  1. The last part about JUSTIN BIEBER!!! and Miley Cyrus is killing me with laughter. I love it!