Saturday, July 24, 2010

Love Song City: Welcome to the Minor Key of Hell.

What is the deal with love songs? I mean really one or two is OK but any more, well I think Sara Breilles said it right, " I'm not going to write you a love song..." Thank god for reasonable musicians who know when enough is enough. I hate love songs, or love in general. I mean really those of you who are in "Love", because you have been going out for three weeks, WELCOME TO REALITY TV. Congratulations to you are the new bachelor and/or bachelorette. I might as well call you, "Snooki, and the Situation." You are as good as dead. Now don't look at me as though I am Heartless as Kanye, but i have had my dosages of love, all of them leading to me Bleeding Love (yet another love song). First of all my fourth grade romance with, for privacy sake we will call her Gorgia Peach. Our good friend Mint Bon Bon, introduced us to each other and we hit it off. We played together at recess for all of fourth grade and into fifth grade, we even made our own drama/TV show/play that we showed in front of our class. We "cut off" our so vivid relationship, at recess when she decided that she didn't want to have a fake marriage ceremony (that everyone was getting). But this was to late she had my heart under lock and key. I was convinced that I "liked" her until eighth grade, when i realized that she was using me, well what I perceived was using. Any who, let' s go on to my next fail attempt at love. It was an attempt with a girl called Mocha Chip, I was told that she liked me by her best friend. But I guess that after two weeks or so of this, I was to immature, which was a true fact. So the finally relationship that I will bring up is the best i have ever had. The girl's name was Apple Strudel. This girl was like a little piece of heaven that fell out of the sky that fell down into Venus's shell as Venus roze from the ocean. It was the best thing ever. After six months of it i felt like i wasn't being my self around her, so I tried to change my social ways. Turns out that my change was just my fear of being rejected. Guess what came out of my change. Turns out that my change cut off our social ties, and my social relationship with an angel had ended. Enough about my whiny realtionships, and how f'd them up. Lets talk about something important. The Blueberry Arts Fest. This fest is the best of all the happenings in Ely. I bought a seven dollar onion platter with garlic sauce, ate half and tossed the rest. TALK ABOUT SHIT BREATH. Well i am tuckered out, and i feel like i am writing like a whiny b**** ( because my mom asked me to). This is it. This is the life. Ian is signing off. in 3 2 1 ...

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