Friday, July 16, 2010

The Start.

Well this is it. This is the life. I get up, shower, get dressed and head to work. Then, eight hours later I am home. Finally, I check face book and listen to music. That's the life of an almost junior, with about 1 month till school starts I am working almost full time, and i have no time for anything that involves fun, and yet i have had some of the times of my life. For example. I fell down a mountain in Switzerland. My friends Ally, Jeff and I were hiking and we stepped into a flowery field. Now what we told our chaparones was a lie. We told them that we started slipping and tumbled down the hill and that jeff hit the asphalt. That was a lie. We were actually going to take the flowery field as a shortcut to the path below. Low and behold, the earth underneath the flowers was sopping wet and as we were walking, we all started slipping. I watched Ally and Jeff do summersults and rolls down the hill. I controlled my self all the way down, that was until I got up and started walking, then jogging, then running, then sprinting down the slippery slope. I felt my self losing control. I pulled up and my myself turn going up hill. I stopped and took a long inhale of fresh mountain air, when all of a sudden I hear Jeff screaming "OH SHIT!! OH SHIT!!" as he starts sprinting down the hill. Now, I was confused, Jeff was below me, and now he was ontop a hill, sprinting down and screaming at the top of his lungs. I found out later that he went to go look for his sunglasses. Anyway. Where was I? "OH SHIT!!" Jeff screamed. I watched as Jeff speed down the slope. As he was running I saw him approach the asphalt trail . Then BAM!! he fell face first into the trail. He bounced like a basketball on an empty court. next thing i realized is i was down by his side seeing if he was OK. Thank god he was just a nasty black eye and a few bruises, Ally had a few cuts, and me, well i sustained no injury; just the constant fear of falling, well more like bouncing on asphalt. This is it. This is the life.

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