Monday, July 19, 2010

Grammarians & Tourism

Two things that get me on my nerves are people who check your grammar all of the time, and tourists. Grammarians are like the devils literary playmates. The critique and critique and critique, and then when they are done they tell you about how bad you are at writing. Then comes the tourists. Here in Ely,MN we have a "wonderful" festival in late July, the dreaded Blueberry Arts Festival, a time in which the residents leave and are replaced with people from all over the united states. Not only do the tourists take over our quaint town, but it is what they bring with them. Lets give labels to the worst: Citydiots-the people from the Cities who think they are the next big thing, Swampees-the tourists that wear socks with sandals, phanny-packs, cameras, and cargo shorts with Hawaiian shirts. Now I don't hate tourists I just hate how they take over the town.

Now i am adding a segment that will appear here and there through out my blog. The part of Blog where I complain about things in the news that are just ridiculous. So here is the topic: BP. BP is making a bigger mess than the US did in the middle east. I heard that 210,00 gallons of oil spill out a day, and it has been roughly 4 months since the start on April 20th, 2010. There are roughly 30 days in each month, so 120 days of oil. When you multiply 210,000 gallons of oil by the number of days you come out with a total of 25,200,000 gallons of oil. With that much oil, well it is just a sick waste. So this is it. This is the life.

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