Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brownie Day, a Chance of Rain, and 1 Million Pokeballs

Woke up at six in the morning and fell asleep and headed off to skiing. Who on god green earth would wake up on summer vacation to go and ski. Now this isn't down hill skiing and this isn't winter skiing this is, Here put on these two by fours with wheels and ski down an asphalt road. This doesn't sound to dangerous. BUT IT IS!! Let me tell you one experience with road rash and your skin will burn with the fury of seven hells. Now you will try to blame the world, your parents, George Bush, but they will all say that it is your ass's fault that you hit the asphalt. Luckily for me when i finally got out of my sleep zone and threw on my clothing the sky took a leak on my head, and practice was cancelled. I fell into a slumber land for many hours. The parental units went into "Nazi" cleaning mode. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, and can you guess what happened at the end of all this cleaning my dad took down a wall in our kitchen causing a hail storm of dust to cover the kitchen from base boards to cup holders.

I made brownies later that day. I ate half the pan before i realized what i was doing. The brownies were soft and gushy and oozed sticky Carmel (that's what she said). It was like a bomb of amazingness blowing up in my mouth causing my saliva glands to fill my mouth with spit. These brownies were so amazing, if given to rivaling countries they could stop a war. Well... Maybe....

Today downloaded Pokemon, the only game that has captivated minds kids and single men who are really fat and eat Twinkies for every meal for generations. I love Pokemon there is just so much you can do in their world. You can press A as many times as you want when you talk to Nurse Joy and you now what, they won't say " Hey get the hell out of my Poke center I have already healed your Pokemon twice now!!" no they just say " Welcome to the Poke center, give me your balls so i can heal them." Hey!! none of that I know what you are thinking, " HAHAHAHA (immature laughter) he made a balls joke. HAHAHAHA (more immature laughter). Well what can I say... hmm... screw you and your immature jokes. Well not really. Now back to Pokemon, you can also run in any buildings and run into to people at full speed and bounce off of them and you don't have to give a damn. One last thing. What happens to all the Pokemon that you faint during your training. Do their passed out corpses line the roads of the Kanto region. Do the bodies of the Pokemon lay in the grass until another Pokemon devours their body. I mean really , they couldn't have planned this out a little better. One last thing before I end this post. What do the people in the world of Pokemon eat??? There are no cows, chickens, or pigs. ONLY POKEMON! Does that mean that they eat Pokemon how sick and cruel. Imagine this you walk in to dinner and your mother says " Here have a nice slice of pickachu, with a side of boiled bell sprouts. And lets not forget your favorite, Jigglypuff filled jello." MMM my favorite. and That is the thought i will leave you with. This is it. This is the life. Ian Lah Signing Out.

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