Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As Valentine Day Approaches...

The world is coming to a holiday. A holiday that is supposed to be about love. What is love? Where can i find it? Well not here. No never. Love only exists in the eye of those who chose. By choosing love we chose life. But love is an emotion that mucks up everything, and wrecks friendships, and families.

Valentines day is not a holiday. it is a mere day in which the ceo's of companies world wide go swimming in their pools of money brought in from this glorious "holiday". god should damn the men who thought that filling the world with a tempestuous storm of "love" would be a great idea.
hats of to you.....and your _____ up life....forever and ever AMEN!!!!!

tis the season to
be jolly. when love takes you
on a ride. you die.