Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cream Puff Parental Control

What makes your mouth explode with flavor? Well if you don't know i have something i would love to sell you. CREAM PUFFS!! these delectable deserts are the nectar and ambrosia of my life. The little balls of bread filled with delicious creamy goodness control my every move. I love every little bite. You pop them in your mouth and BAMMMM!! Crazy flavor deliciousness. I can eat a box of these in five minutes. These little amazing things can stop a war!!!! Or even better... GIVE STOMACH ACHES ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I can eat these little ball like things forever well that is until i get sick.

You know what else makes me sick. PARENTAL CONTROL. my parents recently put a parental device on my computer so that i. I mean "We" (my brothers and i) couldn't get into any sites that would "wreck our innocence". So i have been testing my limits to see how far i can get before the warning goes off. I know am not allowed to look at, google, or write about things like drougs, Secks, and Swear WORDS. Excuse my bad spelling it is just that i couldn't even access Way to go parents!! Encouraging bad spelling, and to think that one of you is an English teacher. Not only are the words spelled wrong, they are spelled wrong for more than one reason, to show how dumb that blockers are, i can't even write words that would activate the blocker. For you know what would happen i wouldn't even be able to read my own blog. One more thing if wasn't able to find out how much one pound of crack cocaine costs of the third day of mardis gras of leap year 2424 was? SURPRISE i could just use your computer, parents. YAY!! for cream puff parental controls. Oops i just used a dictionary,! Say goodbye to my innocence. This is it. This is the life. I have to leave before the parental control cuts off my time. So here i go in 5...4...3...2..............

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