Friday, August 13, 2010

Happiness = Nirvana in Two Forms.

At work a friend of mine said that i needed to be more happy in my blogs, so here is a happy blog for her.

Two things that can make a smile appear on my face are music and dancing. Music is the fluid that runs through my soul, like blood through the heart. All music pleases my musical palette, but the more crazy and on the edge the better. Take the song Scars by Basement Jaxx, this song has a basic hip-hop feel but it is so much more it. It has an edge like a razor blade it makes you stop and listen or press the next button so you can get to a more familiar music. I LOVE IT!!!

Music also plays a crucial role in dance. The ability to dance is created by music. The beats grab your soul and your body moves in ways that are so unpredictable. Dance is something i like to do for it is one type of performance art that is a sport, doesn't use voices, but still needs a person to interpret and add their own character to. Dance is one of the many foods that my soul thrives on. It creates a crazy sensation that i could live on for days.

And that is my Happy Blog. May not be a work of Shakespeare but it is what makes me happy.

This is it. This is the life. (a happy one at that) Signing out :) Ian

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