Tuesday, September 7, 2010

well today was the first day of school....Wahooo!! oh well. So school is completely insane this year. If i was in English and i have to walk down four flights of stairs and back up instead of taking the a walk around the top floor. The school thinks this will keep the little folks from the tyranny of high schoolers. Wow. that hurts. i mean the worst that could happen is... well it is not like we would sell them cocaine. So i am going to focus on the topic of ignorance to day. The reason is that one day at cross country an certain person was making stupid ignorant comments about the Islamic center being built near ground zero..
i know my thoughts are jumping but i just ate a whole ton of cocoa puffs and i am pretty wired. i would like to apologize to my sisters boyfriend and my sister. i was just really peeved about you stealing my sister from me all of the time.

any who. i have problems with Katy Perry. First off we all know that you slept with snoop dog to get him in your video. and what is the deal with your eyes they are like vortexes that hypnotize your mind and tell you to buy your music. GAHH! oh well


people are all ways saying how bad they feel for new students. But hear me out, i feel that they should be feeling bad for us. One time we had a girl at our school (who was new) and she had rather extravagant clothing, and views on life. There were so many awkward silences that occurred while she was here..... oh well.

Well band should be interesting this year, considering that the only two people who could stand up to the insanity of or director.
Well my time limit is about to go out so i must depart. This IS it this Is the Life.... well that is if you love school. But more to come on that subject...Well tschuss!! -

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