Thursday, September 16, 2010

Run Run As Fast As You Can, You Can Probably Stop Me Cause I don't Give a Damn.

so i ran a race today. ya it was crap. i can't understand who would actually want to run for fun. IT WAS HELL. not to mention, school buses are not ideal beds. I tried to sleep WHAM!! the bus hits a bump. well the ZZZZZ's that i started to make in my head quickly turned into HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT. Those bumps are like bombs going up underneath the bus. HA! now i know how the people in IRAQ feel. *side story* so a man was walking down the street when he stepped on a rock and a muffin on the ground said" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON MY ROCK" and the man picked up the muffin and ate it. *MORAL* don't leave food lying around were other people can get it. Here is a quick bit of news. i am the cat. i mean the mascot. well that just goes to show, that when you bake cookies on open flames then the cookie is bound to get burned. think about it.
any questions ask, for i think i want to be dr phil when i grow up. this is it, this is the life. and that is the way the cookie crumbles.

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